Special Session – Environmental Geotechnics Education – Hand Down Choice Morsels of your Teaching Materials!

27 Jun 2023

Special Session – Environmental Geotechnics Education – Hand Down Choice Morsels of your Teaching Materials!


Marina Pantazidou
Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens, Greece



Session Description

This Special Session on Education involves small-scale contributions by the entire environmental geotechnics community (including non-9ICEG attendees) and panel discussions, and is organized around three themes:

1. Teaching materials for Environmental Geotechnics
2. The different versions of Environmental Geotechnics courses
3. Training of educators to teach Environmental Geotechnics

The desired main emphasis is on theme 1 (teaching materials), which branches out into themes 2 (course varieties) and 3 (teach the teachers). The teaching material theme is a collaborative effort of the ISSMGE Technical Committees, TC306 (Geo-Engineering Education) and TC215 (Environmental Geotechnics). The two committees will run a campaign with slogans such as “HAND DOWN CHOICE MORSELS OF YOUR TEACHING MATERIALS!” and “RUMMAGE YOUR TEACHING TREASURE CHEST TO SHARE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL GOODIES!”, in order to solicit small samples of Environmental Geotechnics teaching materials about which their creators feel proud about. The campaign targets all instructors and in particular: (i) seasoned instructors, (ii) textbook authors and (iii) researchers producing visualization materials (photographs, short videos) shedding light on phenomena, mechanisms and concepts.

Please use the online form below to submit small-scale, standalone samples of the original teaching materials you have created or adapted, such as, a PowerPoint slide, a figure (graphs, sketches, even hand-drawn), a short video, an excel file with an equation or a calculation method you hand your students to save them time, a brief text file (1-2 short paragraphs) with a neat analogy, an illustration, an example, an explanation. Often our PowerPoint slides are prompts for us to say something important that is not written anywhere, and our teaching notes are like lines of code without any explanatory comments. That’s why, in order to be useful to other instructors, submitted samples should be accompanied by the following required metadata: (1) the name and type of course where you use the submitted sample, (2) 2-3 key words for the course emphasis (e.g. polluted land, contaminant transport, site remediation, landfills, geosynthetics, sustainability), (3) a descriptive title for the sample and (4) a brief “teaching note” (purpose/reason for creating the sample). In writing your brief teaching note, it will help if you imagine a young colleague, just starting to teach a course similar to yours, asking you questions such as “what was the teaching need you addressed by creating this teaching material?”, “What was the main point you wanted to make?”. In addition, if the original material is an adaptation of existing work, you also need to submit full reference(s). If your sample is a video, please submit the video URL, not the video itself. The compilation of samples will be presented during this Special Session of 9ICEG on Education. Samples submitted according to specifications will be published on the 9ICEG website, through TC306-Geoworld and through TC215.

Instructors do not need to attend the conference to submit samples.

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The copyright of submitted samples lies with their authors under the terms described in the respective webpages.

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