Contribution 3

Submitted by: Xunchang Fei, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Waste Management in Pop Culture as seen in screenshots of movies and video games


Sample Description

(1) Course Name/Type: Solid Waste Management/Core course at the 2nd year or 3rd year of a 4-year civil and environmental engineering undergraduate curriculum

(2) Course Emphasis: Solid waste generation and characterization, recycling, landfilling, incineration, composting, anaerobic digestion

(3) Descriptive Title of Sample: Waste Management in Pop Culture as seen in screenshots of movies and video games

(4) Brief Teaching Note: Show that waste management appears in many movies and PC games

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  1. Xunchang Fei

    Brief description for each screenshot:
    left column:
    1. Wall-E: he compacts MSW on earth, which is abandoned due to gigantic amount of trash.
    2. Toy Story 3: Woody, Bass, and friends were thrown into a trash bin and dumped into an incinerator, they escaped later.
    3. Isle of Dogs: the movie’s main character’s dog was thrown to an offshore landfill, i.e., the isle of dogs.
    4. Blade Runner 2046: San Francisco was deserted and filled with trash.
    mid column:
    1. Love Death + Robots: one episode shows a monster grown up in a landfill.
    2. AI: the movie’s main character, an abandoned AI little boy, was picked up from a landfill by the other main character, another robot starred by Jude Law.
    3. (two screenshots) Alita: Battle Angel: originally a Japanese Manga, the heroine was a robot being thrown into a landfill, whom was picked up by a human.
    right column:
    1. Star Wars 5: the hero’s team was running away from empire troopers and entered a trash storage and compaction room in a star warship.
    2. Joker: Joker running in a valley filled with trash, showing that Gotham is in a really bad shape without waste collection.
    3. Slumdog Millionaire: the hero and his little friends were playing on a landfill, which is adjacent to the slum.
    4. Detroit: Become Human: the robot main character was decommissioned and thrown to a landfill.