Contribution 15

Submitted by: Abbas El-Zein, University of Sydney, Australia

Train Analogy for Contaminant Processes in Soils


Sample Description

(1) Course Name/Type: Geoenvironmental Engineering CIVL5351. Post-graduate elective that is open to Masters by coursework, Master by Research, PhD and 4th year undergraduate students; taken mostly by civil engineering students , especially those following environmental or geotechnical studies.

(2) Course Emphasis: Theoretical Foundations of Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in Soils and Design of Lining Systems for Waste Repositories

(3) Descriptive Title of Sample: Train Analogy for Contaminant Processes in Soils

(4) Brief Teaching Note: Analogy with trains as a tool for teaching concepts and processes associated with contaminant transport in soil (concentration, flux, molecular diffusion, advection, mechanical dispersion, sorption, decay).

5) References: Abbas El-Zein (2016) ‘Darcy Velocity or Specific Discharge? Insights from Teaching Environmental Geotechnics at the University of Sydney, Australia’. GeoChicago 2016, Sustainability, Energy & Geoenvironment, special session of technical committee on environmental geotechnics TC215, 13-16 Aug 2016.


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